Episode 92: Rankin My Bass


Just in time for Christmas comes Geek Salad episode 92: Rankin My Bass. Yes, join Andy and Mike with special guests Joe and Autumn as they rank their bass guitars and attempt to... oh, wait. Wrong bass. No, this is a Holiday episode, so of course the gang is talking about the ups and downs (many, many downs) of the Rankin & Bass Holiday specials. Starting with Rudolph, the duo of Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass came up with some of the most classic animated specials to ever grace the TV screen. Unfortunately, they also inflicted some of the most confusing, scarring, and just plain hateful moments as well (what the hell is an Awgwa, anyway?)

After that, there's some DC-inspired Stupid Stupid and a retro Trailer Park with "Santa Claus: The Movie". Finally, stick around for some Salad Shills that range everywhere from Doctor Who to commercials from the '70s.

And to everyone, whatever you celebrate, have a very happy Holiday season.

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