Episode 89: Wilson SmogMonster Overdrive


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Imagine, if you will, you are stranded on a desert island.  Your sanity is only held in check by the 5 CDs that you’ve chosen to bring with you to live out your life with.  So what would they be?

Jim, Andy, and Mike took the question, first to their Twitter and Facebook audience, then, to Mike C. and Adam, who couldn’t make it record.  Then, they roundtable their 5 top CDs (and another 5 that came close) with discussions about College Alt Rock, Classic Rock, Country, and Charlie Daniels’ ability to appear during bar fights!

Then hang out for the Segments, when Michael McDonald reviews his Top 5 Desert Island CDs, a Stupid Stupid regarding Dino Porn, and a rundown of the trailer of “Thor: The Dark World,” and a run down of the first few weeks of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” in the Salad Shills!

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