Episode 86, Part Two: How Anakin Got His Groove Back


When you woke up this morning, did you think you were going to get treated to a five minute conversation about Ric Ole? Then you’ve come to the right place as the Geek Salad team resumes their conversation on the Star Wars Original Trilogy with Episode 86 (Part 2): How Anakin Got His Groove Back! Check out the gang’s thoughts on the film affectionately known as anything other than it’s given title (“Return of the Jedi”), the best (and worst) toys in the Kenner Star Wars line, and some thoughts about 2015’s JJ Abrahms directed “Episode VII!” Then, segments are back with a two-fer on Trailer Park as the gang discusses “The Worlds’s End” and the season 4 trailer of “The Walking Dead.” Then, Stupid, Stupid discusses the never ending attempt at making a worse video game based movie. Then The Salad Shills is (almost) all about music! And congratulations to Mike Trogolo for winning our Facebook/Twitter contest to name the episode! Your prize is (*snicker*) in the mail! Geek Salad is available at www.geeksalad.podbean.com, or can be subscribed to at the iTunes store by using keyword “geek salad.” Geek Salad is also part of the Stitcher family. Download the app for your Android, iPhone, or Blackberry at www.stitcher.com! Contact Geek Salad at geeksalad@yahoo.com. Geek Salad is also available on Facebook under the group heading “Geek Salad Podcast.” Please subscribe to their Twitter feed: @geeksaladradio Geek Salad is intended for adult listeners and contains coarse language and profanity. Listener discretion is advised.

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