Episode 55: Whatever Happened to My Transylvania Twist?


Hey!  That  place over there is giving super-sized podcasts...not just "fun" size!  That's right, Andy, Mike, Adam, and Jim are back and they're putting forth the Geek Salad Halloween Playlist in an episode so big, it'll take at least two sittings to finish!  Check out to see if your favorite Halloween themed song made the list (sorry if you were expecting Helloween's "See You in Hell"!  Didn't make the list!!!!)

Then stick around for all of the Punisher Network nuttiness in "Stupid, Stupid", Salad Shills cover everything from new books by musical legends B0b Mould and Metallica, tons of Batman love, and a special birthday greeting, and Trailer Park brings to us back to 1978 with the original "Halloween" trailer!

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Geek Salad is intended for adult listeners and contains coarse language and profanity. Listener discretion is advised.

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