Episode 183: There Are 4 or 5 or 25 Moments…


After 11 years, and more than 20 movies, it’s come time for Geek Salad to put the call out…and for Episode 183, they recap the Top 25 Moments in the MCU Series.  But such a monumental task, much like gathering the Infinity Stones, they need help.  So we’ve enlisted the help of the fine hosts from the podcasts For Your Reference, Altered Universe, Black Girls Do Stuff Too, Verbal Diorama, and Offscreen Babble to review their favorites.  We also have Todd Vickstrom returning to the guest seat to help out!

So strap in for this Infinity War length discussion.  Grab your magical hammers, your Pym Particles, and whatever Stark Tech you have laying around, and ASSEMBLE!

Special Thanks to the following Podcasts that helped us with this undertaking!  Show them some love and give them a follow!  They are our heroes! We love them 3000!

For Your Reference:  @ForYourRefPod  www.fyrpodcast.com

Altered Universe: @alteredunivers1 https://open.spotify.com/show/6UXmXScJ0pEedhzKTR9JYX

Black Girls Do Stuff Too:  @BlkGirlsDoStuff www.blackgirlsdostufftoo.com

Verbal Diorama: @VerbalDiorama www.verbaldiorama.com

Offscreen Babble:  @offscreenbabble https://open.spotify.com/show/7dqyEtR0Tjc9PgBzlm4wvg

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