Episode 142: Movie Sign and Chill


For 10 seasons, the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 has been making some of the worst movies out there into hilarious viewing experiences. On April 14, 2017, the show returns with new episodes. In celebration of this momentous occurrence, Geek Salad has once again united to list off some of their favorite episodes and shorts from the show's history with Episode 142: Movie Sign and Chill.

Andy, Mike, Joe, and Katherine each come prepared with a list of some of their favorite moments in MST3K history. In which movie did we see the epic battle between Paul Anka and Mel Torme? Which short gives us valuable tips about what to do on a date? Is the short, "A Date with your Family" as creepy as it sounds (hint: Yes). All these questions, and more, are sure to be answered.

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