Episode 125: Tom Bombadil Ain’t In This One, Either


Settle down in your favorite little Hobbit hole and break out some lembas bread, as it is time for Geek Salad to venture into Middle Earth with episode 125: Tom Bombadil Ain't In This One, Either.Yes, not even the godfather of all nerd culture, Tolkien, is safe from the Geek Salad crew, this time consisting of Ranger Andy, his Elvish maiden Autumn, Rider of Rohan Joe, and Man of Gondor Mike.

The crew take on the books (ever so briefly as they can be a bit... what's the word... boring), the animated specials (which can be a bit... '70s), and finally all six of Peter Jackson's films. They cover the good and the bad, as well as a discussion on the excessive nature of turning The Hobbit into 3 films.

(Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, episode 126 was posted before 125. Technical issues, combined with the need to get the wrestling show out by WrestleMania, meant that 126 had to go up in a more timely manner)

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