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Episode 147: Such Heroic Nonsense!

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Back in 1984, kids had lost interest in most of the toy lines of the day.  Then, Hasbro released the Transformers line, and kids now had toys that could be cars, trucks, jets, and guns, as well as kick-ass robots! Now the Geek Salad team of Joe, Andy, and Mike discuss the toy line, as well as the multiple cartoon and comic book series and the 1986 animated movie.


Then, they’ll put their film school nerd caps on to discuss everything wrong with the dumpster fire that is the Michael Bay Transformers series.  It’s at this point that Andy will go off on proper character motivation and action sequencing while Joe and Mike bang their heads against the coffee table trying to figure out how, in God’s name, you can screw up the Dinobots!!!!


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